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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Suruchi Katta

This small food joint on Law college road , near Film Institute was our regular place to meet for allmost 10 years or so.
We were ( or rather are still ) bunch of friends passed out of Cusrow Wadia Inst. Of technology way back in 1995

It was so obvious that after our regular office hours, we were to meet @ Suruchi. Our bikes (everybody had bikes then) just used to turn on Law college road after 7.30 to 8 pm

Everybody used to share their experiences, normal 'gila shikwa' at this place. So much so, that when i started my business, it was our office for quite some time. We have so many memories attached with this place , its just unimaginable.
There have been days where we have begun or day with Suruchi and ended there.The sweeper who used to open doors was also used to.

Regular Chai bidi , Bun wada and misal are specialities and we used to enjoy.

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